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Excessive sweating - (Hyperhidrosis)

Looking and feeling good can give you a sense of confidence and well being.

Some people suffer embarrassing excessive sweat gland activity which affects areas such as the hands, feet, forehead and underarms.

Hyperhidrosis can be disabling, inhibit your confidence and make your life unpleasant.

Simple injections of Botox to these localised areas can stop the glands over producing perspiration.

The treatment begins to work after approximately 3 - 4 days and is effective for several months even up to a year, allowing you to relax and enjoy life.

Botox Injections Cosmetic Treatments

Botox is a substance produced by the Clostridium bacterium. The full name is Botulinum Toxin Injection.
Botox relaxes the muscles responsible for lines and wrinkles. Botox injections have been safely used for over 30 years in conventional medicine, and for cosmetic therapy.

It is administered via injections using a fine needle which takes only a few minutes, creating a noticeable improvement within days. This cosmetic enhancement lasts between 3 - 6 months or longer, depending upon the individual's skin and response.

Botox injections are used in a non cosmetic hyperhidrosis - for Excessive Sweating.  Botox treatments are also used to treat frown lines, glabellar wrinkles and crow's feet. Cosmetic Botox injections Skin Clinic Woking Guildford Surrey Cobham Dermal Fillers Wrinkle Treatments Cobham Hant


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